About Me

About Me

Ciao! Mi chiamo Will. I created this website to provide you with resources you can use to design your Italian learning experience your way. I don’t think there is a right way to learn a new language. Everyone’s learning style is different. Some people prefer total immersion, some do better in a structured classroom setting. Some people are auditory learners, others are visual learners.

At Italian Your Way, you can learn about the best websites, podcasts, computer programs and books for learning “la bella lingua.” I’ll give you the pros and cons of each route, so you can decide which would be the best fit.

Why do I care about helping you learn the language? I’m not Italian. I grew up in the suburbs of Southern California.

A very young, naive me walking the streets of Sicily.
Walking the streets of Sicily in 2006.

I just love the language.

I started learning Italian in college. Gradually, one class lead to another and I ended up studying abroad in Sicily, an experience that changed my life and my view of the world. I learned about the power of language to connect people from different cultures living in different countries thousands of miles away. A few years later, I was able to spend the summer in Calabria, and I even honeymooned on the Amalfi Coast and in Sardinia.

I stood out in Italy. I am tall, pale, and I don’t play soccer very well. But, when I spoke their language to the Italian people, (even if I sounded like a 5 year old), I developed instant rapport with them. They welcomed me with an unexpected warmth and friendship that left a lasting impression on me.

Since my time in Italy, I’ve continued to study the language as a hobby. I’ve used different programs, books, podcasts, even movies and songs. I’ll share with you some of my favorites. It is my hope that the resources you’ll learn about on this website will ignite a spark in you to learn more about this beautiful language, and the culture and people behind it.

Buon divertimento!



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