Free Italian Language Learning Apps

Apps are a convenient way to supplement your primary method for learning Italian. You can use them on the go to expand your vocabulary, improve your Italian grammar, or refresh some of the concepts you have learned. My favorite free apps for learning Italian are Busuu and Learn Italian.

Busuu App

The Busuu app provides short lessons on various subjects from basic expressions to transportation. The lessons start with flashcards that have a word and corresponding picture on the front. The back contains a sentence using the word. The word and sentence are spoken in Italian to help you improve your pronunciation.

There is a dialogue after the flashcards and a quiz based on the dialogue. The final exercise of the lessons requires you to write a few sentences in Italian based on a prompt which can then be reviewed and commented on by native speakers. You can also review the exercises of people from other countries who are learning to speak English.

My favorite features of the Busuu app are the high-quality photos that accompany the vocab and the ability to practice saying the word or phrase. This provides a dual sensory experience that helps with retention and is fun.

The app is free, and you earn Busuu “berries” that unlock more categories. The premium membership provides access to even more exercises and costs $9.99 per month or $64.99 per year (at the time of this writing). Check it out by searching “Busuu Italian” in the app store. The icon is a “b” in a dialogue bubble with the Italian flag in the corner.

Photo by Stuart Miles, courtesy of
Photo by Stuart Miles, courtesy of

Learn Italian Quick App

The Learn Italian  Quick app is a good way to expand your vocab. It contains flashcards and quizzes. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. The flashcards contain a word or phrase in Italian on the front and the English translation on the back. When you flip the flashcard you also hear the correct pronunciation. The app allows you to save the flashcards in a favorites list so you can review the more difficult ones.

The quizzes are in multiple choice format with the Italian word or phrase at the top and four possible answers in the English. Like the flashcards, you can hear the correct pronunciation in Italian.

The free version of the app contains a few hundred phrases, but you can upgrade for a low fee to have access to over 900 words. Check it out by searching “Learn Italian Quick” in the app store. The icon is the Italian flag with a graduation hat.

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