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If you can’t learn Italian by spending a year working in a gelateria in Agrigento, your next best bet is using Italian language-learning software. Currently, the two most popular programs are Rosetta Stone and Fluenz. Rocket Italian is also gaining ground. All three are available on multiple media platforms and contain lessons for all levels of Italian learners. The best fit for you depends on your learning style.

It you want to purchase any of the programs after reading about them, you can click on the links provided for each product. My goal is to save you time searching on Google or wandering around Barnes & Noble looking for the best option. I receive a small commission for each purchase made through the links, but I’m confident you’ll find the time you save and the insight you gain from reading this page is well worth it. Have fun!

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an immersion program. Rosetta Stone seeks to replicate the way children learn language. Instead of formal lessons with explanations in English, Rosetta Stone uses association and repetition through sound and visuals. Everything is in Italian.

The lessons provide just the right combination of words and images for you to determine what the words mean. The structures eventually become more complex. Rosetta Stone also allows you to practice your accent through its speech-recognition software.

Rosetta Stone runs for about $250 for levels 1-5. A great price, considering everything you get. Check it out here:


Fluenz is a tutor-based program that challenges Rosetta’s Stone theory that no English should be used to explain a foreign language, even if the learner is a beginner. According to Fluenz, adults learn differently than children, so the approach should be different. Adults can relate the grammar and syntax of their native language to the new language they are learning, an advantage children don’t have.

Fluenz lessons consists of a 8 to 10 minute tutorial taught by a beautiful instructor. Following the tutorial, you practice pronunciation, vocabulary, listening skills, and sentence construction. Fluenz uses a core group of words and phrases which it reinforces throughout the lesson to help them sink in. The lessons generally take about 45 minutes to an hour to get through. Each level contains about 30 lessons. You can also practice what you learn by visiting Fluenz Commons. If you prefer a structured, learning environment with a natural progression and explanations in English, then Fluenz is a great choice.

The price for Fluenz depends on the package you want. Levels 1-2 go for about $250, Levels 3-5 for about $310, or you can purchase all of the levels for $370.

Check out Fluenz by clicking on the red cd and start exploring la bella lingua today:

Rocket Italian

Rocket Italian is a fun computer program that uses a variety of methods to help you learn Italian. Learning a new language can seem overwhelming at first. Rocket Italian tackles this challenge by using the chunking process or Miller’s Law. It breaks down the content into easily-managed chunks or parts.

Rocket Italian uses 7 “Success Strategies” to help you learn la bella lingua.

  • 1. Make the best possible use of your limited time by emphasizing on-the-go learning through an interactive audio course.
  • 2. Understand exactly how Italian works by explaining Italian vocabulary and grammar in English.
  • 3. Reinforce what you learn so it sticks forever by using different tests including audio, writing, and multiple choice quizzes
  • 4. Practice speaking and sounding like a native by using a voice recognition tool to improve your pronunciation.
  • 5. Access advanced learning techniques by listening to and repeating the sounds of a native-speaker dialogue
  • 6. Have a strong support network through 24/7 online access to tutors and fellow enthusiasts
  • 7. Maintain motivation and have fun while you learn by tracking your progress, using flashcards, and rating how well you know phrases.

Rocket 1Rocket Italian is a cd-free downloadable program. The prices range from $99.95 for the beginner course (“The Premium”) to $259.50 for the beginner to advanced course (“The Works”). This is a great deal considering everything that is included. The Premium program alone comes with 66 lessons and over 130 hours of lesson time, definitely a better value than taking a course at your local college. Check out Rocket Italian today and launch your Italian adventure.

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