L’ultimo Bacio (The Last Kiss)

L’ultimo Bacio (The Last Kiss)

“Finalmento libero, non e’ questo quello che hai sempre voluto?”

“Finally free, isn’t that what you always wanted?” Paolo, the protagonist of the movie L’ultimo Bacio (The Last Kiss) asks himself this as he struggles to undo the recent turmoil he has created in his once “perfect” life.  He isn’t alone. His friends Adriano, Alberto, and Paolo all struggle with their own existential crises. Adriano is pushed away from his wife Livia after the birth of their son. Alberto overcompensates for his deadbeat life through his numerous sexual conquests, and Paolo can’t escape the shadow of his former lover or his feeling of responsibility for his dying father. Together they try to find freedom, thinking it will finally bring them the joy they seek. In the process, they learn painful lessons about love, loss, and friendship.

I remember watching this movie in college when I was beginning to develop my interest in Italian. I enjoyed it, but looking back I couldn’t remember if that was due to my growing fascination with the language or the quality of the film itself. I watched it again recently and discovered it is was the latter. The acting is exceptional and supported by a musical score that highlights the tension running through the movie. There are few movies with such emotional rawness. The film grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. You’ll find yourself simultaneously loving and hating the characters as they struggle to find meaning in their lives.

Zach Braff starred in a remake of L’ultimo Bacio for America audiences, but it isn’t as good as the original. Stick with the Italian version, and you won’t be disappointed.  You can watch it on Netflix or buy the DVD from Amazon here: L’ultimo Bacio.  

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3 thoughts on “L’ultimo Bacio (The Last Kiss)

  1. Who says that a movie has to be made in Hollywood to be good. Many of the lesser known and sometimes independent movies tend to be the best.

    When a movie can capture you and not let you go, as you said, those are the types of movies with intriguing plot and story lines. Many times I prefer movies like that because it showcases the quality of the writing and the actors.

    Any movie can put out spectacular effects and flashy visuals to try and keep the viewers attention. But when the acting and story line can do that just as well if not better, than you know it is a good movie.

    1. Good point, Robert. My favorite Italian movies don’t have a lot of special effects, but they have great characters and story lines.

  2. Learning Italian is great. Me not knowing the language would be exciting and yet challenging at the same time. But I do enjoy eating Italian food. Yummy!

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